Favourite fictional females - Felicity Smoak

"Code breaker is my middle name. Actually, it’s Megan."

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time for a dance?

time for a dance?

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Do you write captain swan fanfiction, because I've read your klaroline stuff and it's amazing.

Oh thanks!! No, I don’t write Captain Swan. I actually don’t watch OUAT.


Just bought my ticket to go visit Katie next month.


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I haven’t. I just read the summary - he was her rude neighbor who has kids or something? You know what? You should totally try to publish TMU. That would be so cool

I appreciate you saying that!! If TMU were to become a published book it would A) definitely have to rework some plot points that were taken straight from the shows it is based on and B) would probably have to be broken down into 2 or 3 separate books and flushed out. 

It would be cool though :)

I think the KC fic that got published was one by Klauslove, and the first book is called Inevitable.

I think you are correct. That’s the only one I know of and I read it.

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There’s a KC one which got published, too. The name escapes me at the moment though. But it was a trilogy or something now lol

I think I know of the one you’re talking about. And I’ve read it…well the first part anyways.