endless list of favourite characters: tenth doctor

"Imagine you were in Pompeii. And you tried to save them. But in doing so, you make it happen. Anything I do just makes it happen."

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"When I saw you I fell in l o v e. And you smiled because you k n e w.

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youre gonna look so goddamn cool

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What do you think of Hayley and Klayley?

I was honestly intrigued by Hayley’s character and had high hopes for her and Phoebe Tonkin back when she was introduced in season 4. But the onset of the baby plot lost me. It didn’t even have to do with my Klaroline love—I’m just not a fan of baby storylines in my fictional consumption.

I’m not a fan of Klayley as a romantic couple, either, if that’s what you’re asking. I just don’t see the chemistry on that level.

Back in season 4, I didn’t think that Klayley had an interesting dynamic (yes, even during the sex scene. Sorry, fellow KC shippers! I know I’m blaspheming…just turn away and go look at some hummingbirds during this part). I think they are similar on many levels in terms of arrogance and desire for dominance and selfishness. I also liked how they fit on opposite sides of Forwood and while neither of them ever discussed Tyler or Caroline with the other, they could still use these emotions against one another, and that was cool to see bits of.

But to be honest, I stopped watching TO at around episode 4…so my gauge for either of those things isn’t really up to date.


got meme: nine characters [1/9]

Sandor “The Hound” Clegane

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She was super nice and friendly Katie! She's a really funny lady, great sense of humour and genuinely had a conversation with me about how lucky she was to of experienced the British weather on a hot day (as you know it's always raining/cold and the past two weeks or so have been boiling hot every day which is a rare commodity for England haha). Very lucky to of met her, the Birmingham date was added at the last minute! Beyond happy.

Ahh that’s so awesome!! She seems like everything you said, super funny and down to earth and lovely to fans :) I’m glad you got to see her and meet her!

This morning I was listening to the Nerd HQ: A Conversation with Stephen Amell and he talked about fan involvement with the show and his involvement on social media (they also mentioned on the Arrow SDCC panel that Arrow is a very fan driven show) and he said that it had been mentioned on his Facebook a lot that majority of the female characters that had been introduced on Arrow—that were not related to Oliver—ended up at some point being love interests for Oliver.

So, Stephen Amell went to the producers of the show, and pointed this out because he thought it was an excellent point and asked “can we stop doing that?”

Wow, what a concept. A show and it’s cast actually giving a damn about fans. Take fucking note CW…let’s maybe translate that to some other shows on your network, ja feel?